Clarified butter

What is clarified butter?

GALACTEUM clarified butter is a 100% natural product, with no preservatives or colouring agents, obtained by heating butter made from cream to achieve the almost total elimination of water and non-fat solids. It is suitable for lacto-vegetarians.

Product characteristics

Clarified butter has a higher smoke point than normal butter, with the resulting advantages in its applications.

The production process and quality of the raw materials give the product a buttery flavour with caramelised, intense and characteristic notes, giving great personality to all the preparations in which it is used. Its low melting point favours a soft texture and unique flavour.  In addition, clarified butter has a longer shelf life than normal butter.


One of the main uses of clarified butter is the preparation of culinary and confectionery products. In this sense, it is extremely versatile, as it can be applied to all types of recipes, and can save a lot of time in many of the preparations in which it is applied.

Product Range

Our clarified butter is available in various formats for consumers, catering and industrial channels. For all available formats, please contact us.

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