Basic hygiene and safety rules

Our commitment

GALACTEUM is Galician business project led by cooperatives with the aim of transforming and valuing the dairy sector of Galicia.

Our mission is to research, create and produce high value added food that will satisfy the nutritional needs of society and improve their wellness and health.

Hygiene requirements

You are accessing a food industry, we thank you for complying with these rules to ensure the safety of our products.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  • It is forbidden to smoke, drink, eat or chew bubblegum in the production area.
  • It is not al lowed to wear personal effects, such as: rings, earrings, bracelets… as well as watches.
  • It is mandatory to wear protective clothing that have been delivered: coat, cap and shoe covers.
  • In case of accessing areas with special hygiene requirements we will indicate the instructions to follow and if it is neccesary a change of clothes.
  • It is forbidden to touch or manipulate equipment, products or packaging.
  • Photographs are not al lowed except express authorization.
  • If you had to access wi th any personal object, please let us know.

Infectious diseases

If you suffer or have recently suffered an infectious disease that may present a danger to food safety (stomach flu, etc.), please let us know before accessing the production area.

Safety rules

Respect the safety signs in the factory

Always keep clear the access to emergency exits.

Be careful with the forklift and trucks.

Icono de Evaporador

Do not touch any machine or device that is in operation.

Enviromental rules

Keep the environment clean. Do not throw waste on the ground. Deposit them in the suitable containers.

One of our objectives is the rational use of water and energy. Please try to avoidits unnecessary use during your visit.